This Ready-To-Order pre-engineered and designed K-12 MyPlate Menu Board system groups menu items by MyPlate food groups and is installed on one screen in one dining hall and at four food stations along with a custom engineered and designed Information Board in another dining hall. All of the Menu Boards use one Master Template with a Communications Side Bar including two-text block announcement area and a slide show with captions. Menus automatically display by meal period on a 28-day menu cycle and include Go, Slow, Whoa nutritional menu labeling icons; vegetarian and vegan icons, and allergen alert icons for foods that contain dairy, soy, wheat, egg, tree nuts and peanuts, and gluten. The Information Board includes the day’s Room Assignments, Calendar of Events, slide shows with and without captions, live news, sports and weather feeds, and the dining halls’ hours of operation.

Menu & Information Board Engineering & Information Management

Menu & Information Board Design

• Concept Development

• Creative Direction

Epicure Digital LiveText

Epicure Digital LiveMenu

Epicure Digital NutriLive Nutritional Menu Labeling

Epicure Digital Looping LiveText Blocks

Epicure Digital SlideShow Builder

Meal Period Scheduling

Menu Cycling



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