UCLA Health

This Greeter Board displays:

  • Daily Specials at each food station
  • Slide show that is kept current by their marketing department
  • Looping Text Block Announcements for Welcome messages
  • Hours of operation with Fruit & Salad Bar pricing
  • Weekly Nutrition Tip

Greeter Boards display menus and general information at the entry to a dining facility.

  • Daily Specials 
  • Hours of Operation 
  • Current day, date & time
  • Slide Shows for Food Photography
  • Slide Shows for Education & Marketing
  • Looping Text Block Announcements for easy & quick communication with your guests & staff
  • Text Block & Ticker-Style text line announcements
  • Live News, Sports & RSS Feeds
  • Nutritional Tips & Messages of the Day
  • Social Media plug-ins
  • Third-party plug-ins like TXT n' Tell by TouchWork


Post your digital menus and promotions on your website.
Visitors to your website view your greeter board, menu boards and signage online as they appear on screen at your facility. As your menus change by day part and menu cycle, or whenever you change them manually, the changes appear simultaneously online and at your facility, in real time.


"​​With the use of Epicure Digital Menu Boards integrated with Computrition solutions, Dartmouth displays
real-time menu choices, allergen and nutritional information as well as religious classification. The use of automation as opposed to manually typed-out allergen information on the menus reduces the chance of typos and human error. The savings seen with the integration of Computrition and Epicure has been 40 administrative hours per week and approximately $75 per week in paper and toner supplies...By streamlining the menu board systems for both ’53 Commons and Courtyard Café, supervisors and managers have been able to spend less time on the computer and more time on the floor. This allows for increased customers service which in turn creates a more satisfied customer base; increasing the bottom line."

Arliene Belock

Administrative & Catering Coordinator
Dartmouth Dining Services